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Crying, says that every day she looks that bored. What I became during this time so near and dear to her. Said that I was very fond of her family. It is difficult to remember exactly, but I gently hugged her then, and as it was cold - warmed by her breath as the first in our happy days. Probably in vain, because now I understand that it is in fact simply disposed of these feelings in me. However, I first stepped back, and said, do not understand this. Asked if the guy she hesitated, but said Yes. Found out he's from uni, younger than her, not from usa and lives in the Dorm. I again said I don't understand how you can say that I roads, and to be with others. She said, supposedly, I'd like to have a family with you, we should meet again, I feel with you as a grown man, you have a lot of plans and dreams to which you go (what is this flattery? Manipulation?), but now she is attracted to a man, I can't remember what she said, but the point is this - she wants his youth, well, I think it's the time of the last item on the FAQ of "Kids."

There was another moment, don't remember what, but I said, "So you found better." She began to cry and said "I have not met". I said that not just fate that brought us such similar people that the feelings I have, but if you decided so, if you've found someone that makes you better, then I can only accept it and let go. What it is my probably correct statements, she looked at me as an icon, and was just saying how I wonder. Said even so - brilliant (I did not react, did not know what to do) so in the end I again told her that there are two options - either you return to me, or say goodbye. She - "I can't" Well, I he again said goodbye, turned around and went, and after she said "I think I'll write". We were almost at her grandmother's house, so she had to be in the same direction viagra with me go, so she caught up with me and walked a little behind. I don't know why, but the following happened.

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We go, I'm on the positive:
I want a Sweet?
A - No, no, thank you
I don't have a cow, he eat
Oh - Oh, my God, you're amazing. *stops me some times kissing on the cheek* I'll write.
Well, that and the final. This time I, too, unpleasant and nasty, incomprehensible. My mistake then - I listened to her, although it was necessary to show hardness. It turns out, had been Dating for exactly 10 months.
After the meeting, wrote to her mother, wanted to say thank you and goodbye. In a response sheet that is very sorry that it turned out that she really loves you, misses, suffering, confirmed that every day with this photo is sitting, kisses her and cries. She's small, she's confused, and need to give her time to think. And he said he didn't want to say goodbye to me. If necessary, to the PM throw off the correspondence, but if soberly to think, it turns out, mom does daughter alternate aerodrome, as it sadly was not.

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Meetings have become routine - walk, cafes, occasionally the house when free. I didn't give her what you need young lady.
2. I began to boot and sometimes ethologists, behaved Trnski, due to the lack of sex.
3. In the end, very clearly showed their uncertainty, which arose on the basis of difficulties on work and creative crisis.
What I want: don't want to lose the person. Such as it is, the afternoon with fire not to find. I don't know if I can make it - all the same, she immediately went to another. But I know that this is the man who is worthy of love and forgiveness. All FAQs read ZF, Antidot, archive thoughts, Maddison, and I understand that Sam can't do anything, I can only let go, move on, and not wait until she'll think he's ready. But she must do she did not really understand what to do, and just let her go I don't want, although at the moment I keep ignore shit not doing kickbacks suffer.
Outlined messy, need more books to read, the missing information will be provided on request.