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And I chose her. (sale 1 then me a few times pinging) As a result, after the new year I kissed her and we started Dating. She later told me that was crying when I wrote to her in December, we always waited for the meeting. At that time she didn't have friends, best friend moved to the other side of the globe. I was her first, well, it is clear that everything was fine - the endless kisses of the meeting, we were happy. She was very notorious, so I led her to the OS, and even just to undress her before the end came only a month on the third. But I loved and was sympathetic to it. In the end, we didn't have sex, but at every opportunity to be one was petting and freaky OS.

In ED pillsх balance of importance was in my direction, as I said, communication with her was logical and not so emotional, so love to her, I felt immediately that probably allowed me to behave and fall in love with her even more. The rapport was deep, I got her hooked on the hobby. And I must admit I see her as the girl of his dreams, I need such - a modest, smart, sensitive, and very beautiful. But one thing confused sometimes - some naivety and immaturity. Face it at 6, but when she smiles appear very beautiful features.

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So, everything was fine until October, in the fall I started to develop intensively in Hobbies and work, she gave me a relatively expensive gift that I wanted to the DR for my Hobbies. In October she had PD, as we noted in cafes, and on weekends we went to her home where we celebrated with her mom and grandmother. By the way, the mother in the divorce, erectile dysfunction lives with her, my father has his own family, and erectile dysfunction every weekend goes to him for the whole day. Parents she loves and respects. She often said I reminded her of her father. Another often told me how I'm her mother, often said that likes, and that no I will not give up, well, that's all. So, at the end of October I gave up. I showed weakness, and then, perhaps, everything went according to the copper basin. First, the lack of sex in General and a reasonable opportunity to be alone, I began to load, I started Tfnet, instead of having to create these opportunities, showed cold. At work was a gimmick, a creative crisis, I became irritable, showed his lack of confidence, turned sour as the full mattress. To the last she tried to cheer me up, but as a result, two weeks after the onset of symptoms - she said that we need to sort yourself out.

I, of course, flooded Transto, and by his own words I really messed up, and he failed to ensure that she said she's thinking about breaking up. It was by correspondence, the next day meet her, and she in tears tells me that I must love life, must love family (and I have often showed their dislike of their mother, you know) that you must love yourself. And that she "fell in love with the life in the eyes of other people." I'm here, too sour, was weak, tried to say something, but you know what TFN in such a situation will make it worse. I'm really at the bottom does not roll down and not humiliated. And I saw her it was very painful to do this. The next day was a phone conversation where I find out that she met Bob, she likes him, but so far the communication friendly. What she doesn't know what it is that draws her there, but she doesn't understand why and can't control it. The next day, then another meeting, then I took myself in hand, did not show emotions. She expressed that she does not want to solve problems together that she allows another to draw nearer to him. She my words were taken, she said despicable acts. Asked if we can continue to communicate, to which I naturally said no. So in the end I asked her to say goodbye, just so everything goes. She couldn't have. Dim, looked down, and could not say anything. I'm tired of waiting, approached her, said goodbye and started to leave. It is like the enthusiasm I tried to stop on the shoulder, then called out by name.

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I - You have something to say?
About me: appearance standards (cute person who likes erectile dysfunctionм. So I say) self-critical, low self-esteem, love sports, in fact for a healthy lifestyle (can drink on holidays)
About the girl: Beautiful, small and cute. I thought that like sports, but not (went rock climbing for me), creative, draws, wants to be a photographer and that she had obtained. Always open, but problems with parents(large). Early cried a lot because of this problem. According to the internal criteria of a great man.

Understand that love, but could it be way out of your comfort zone? If anything, what chance is there to regain? (said relations does not want, but then if that can give a chance, but error) Asked what are my chances of between friends, laughed and said what a stupid question (I realized that large). And generally loves you? Or really let go?(she just spends a lot of time with the tank:D and the other hidden). If she can kiss this secretive friend? (given that she's very loyal, but feels something more than friendship)

Oh - don't say goodbye. On this spread.
I removed her from friends in the VC, I this evening wrote a message with only my name. I didn't answer. A week later she wrote and asked to meet, said, "I need to see you" to which I replied that unless I have the thing you need it to convey, I see no reason to meet. A week later I wrote that thing about me, give me money for it and get my stuff and meet me on Saturday. She at first agreed with it at any time, and it's weird, because on Saturday she's on her way to dad immediately after graduation. Well, perhaps that is why Saturday could not meet, agreed on Monday. Already before the meeting somehow said a rough time, and met in the subway. She's sitting at the station waiting for me, I go up and see her eyes with tears. Exchanged things, went to the street. Long out of the subway she naturally began to sob. And went towards the house of her grandmother, and it is in walking distance from my house. Tried to talk about something removed, I've posted something, on something there. Well, and asked what she wanted to tell me. Started. She apologized for the way he behaved at the last meeting (that I understand, because of this it was almost the same), saying that is not how I feel after that, and showed our picture to a snapshot of the camera that I gave her to the Dr, where we are perfectly happy together, smiling.