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1. I know that a lot of made her sick, in a fit of rage called 1H once a whore, talking about looks, like if you trained with me, she even remembered something about the toes on her that I was late, and the tanker came an hour early and gave the flowers (I don't have time to buy)
2. Now that you know about the appearance of the girl has nothing to say.
3. Sometimes treated her like an asshole.
4. Promised to be the way she wants to always embrace and appreciate it, but again broke his word.
5. I'm not so horrible if that(might justify), has always supported, visited, helped, gifts brought to tears (creativity and was such phases her)
6. The sex was great, everything was allowed, anal, any posture and loved a Blowjob. But lately not so much attracted to her (possibly revised the porn, while many watched it)
7. Says nice things about me, now nothing can not remember, one negative. Says resentment and anger is holding, always smiling and it looks convincing.
8. Lit since they broke up, though like love to indulge in only vaping or Shisha. Said that was really hard ed viagra (I thought it was for show, but apparently not) Even 1N time I got drunk.
9. Very loyal, could not change. Always said that if break up, will live with cats.

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PS Sorry for the mistakes, missed a lot, but more importantly wrote. Perhaps there will be contradictions, because I can't let this go.Also know that the young and the fool.
1.I want to be a man, really just a man who understands everything and does as it should. I understand that this is a matter of one day or week. The fact is that since childhood I am very soft, loyal and not particularly principled on many issues. So I was brought up or that I grew up here I don't know. I'm tired of being the last person I'll ask in the team that in my opinion can score and so on. This applies to work and relationships with parents. Well, apparently ED pillsх with erectile dysfunction. Although there is controversial, because I believe that I adequately rested and continued(if not the fact of a kiss with the former) may be it is all her fault and her cockroaches? Push can be on any literature thread in the forum or something. Then I really don't know where to start. Just start to squeeze out male skills? I think I'm gonna break down and return to the old, comfortable I lifestyle.
2.And the question on account of the return of the girl. The fact is that to return it I would have had no objection. But, only when we firmly stand on his feet and understand that to break I will not. I sincerely hope that after some time she will be able to say firmly go nafig and not to regret about it. erectile dysfunction with very strong character. I understand that she's about to feel me and watch my reaction. In this reaction, I'm sure vaguely, a little worried that I'll screw up the moment when we must act. Here, too, would RUB his nose in facts or advice to help. May all problems be solved after solving the first issue.

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Good day to forum users. Begin with lyrical digression. The end of last year, I pretty quickly went from the first LTE, which was at a distance and lasted almost 2.5 years, began to go after the common bile duct. Moved quickly, a week after the last meeting with the first erectile dysfunction, probably because he knew that after this Transtv I already can't count on that. Yes, and I was really tired of the distance, meeting only on weekends and holidays, although it was a lot of love, were each other's first, and now I remember those LTE with heat. So, I started hanging out with new CBD, met with friends, and later in the VC stumbled upon a post in the group one event in the VC "I have no one to go to"sale 2, which I immediately replied and we agreed to go together. The event was eventually canceled, but we still met. And here the whole month of December I was out with two OVC were chosen. Both were 18 years old, I'm 22,sale 1 - a completely ordinary girl from an ordinary family, a rustic, but there was a lot of this "female" for me, meeting her was a challenge that was difficult to get her out, while chat worked very well, always had fun, kinestetic her, though she was not always given, and at the end of the walk each time 2 - mother's daughter, very shy and modest, with wonderful taste, smart, study places in the first place, a bit naive. And musical preferences we have are quite similar. The meeting was calm, logical communication, I was very comfortable with her, she suggested meeting and I saw it as something different, I was the same way.