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At this time, hang out with other girls, in order to restore yourself and forget viagra usa her, but that's what happens. Went for a walk with one, and she's worse than my ex, and I was so swept up in the moment, in short, call her at 12 am, just talked to her, and nothing more. Came home, it struck me, the pain in my heart, I'm sorry, even cried. Lasted about 5 minutes - 10, then went to bed in the morning became easier. In short the erectile dysfunctionм wrote that I will not communicate with them. I decided to only look for females similar to her in appearance and shape, more specifically not lower the bar. Fuck anybody don't want to.

And now the latest developments. I'm writing to her, just like you said to see, to have sex without a relationship. She supposedly no, I called her and asked the same thing, talking to me more than an hour. Then I take off, going to her, it's all night. Hold in the stairwell for another 1.5 hours. She is not leaving, but I could. Then I'm going say, want massage and sex, call me. I feel happier already, communicate with the new CBD, I'm almost 23, OVC-Kam 17 years. In short, a day later I texted, do you want a massage. Wrote her come, she came, gave her a massage, not sex, on her period to persuade her mouth failed. Took me 4 hours, although my mom said so went for a walk and, by the way, to me it was released to 10 11, called constantly, and then she cut the phone and she was with me until 24:00, which is her mother allowed a boy to the left to such a time walking.

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In General, decided that she would continue to communicate with guys and sex only with me. But a relationship with me doesn't want to. The massage was yesterday, the day before she was walking again with the type.
Anyway, what I want, I probably would have wanted to see her wife, if I knew that would not change and would be with me. I want now to know what to do guys, sex with others was not yet in them, a kiss I think, too, it is a long time to contact new people, though when I'm on a first date was able to kiss another common bile duct, it was disappointing for me as they are available. Maybe not everything, of course. In short, tell me, has a chance to return and strengthen the ED pills to go or should use and develop their lives, while the new CBD for a relationship don't find it?

About me: do not smoke, do sports, Boxing, drinking on holidays, fun, growth 171, the former OVC my 168 - 169. Work in the administration of my city, additionally, working remotely with the plant, and develop their projects online, as previously done. Machines and no rights.

That guy: working as a hookah, is a machine - fourteen, younger than me, taller, apparently will not be judged, but I think I better smoke, fucked probably 10+ OVC, my ex understands this, and therefore agreed to have sex, like what I got her first and she had me and would not even agree to do that.
Yesterday during the massage, the kissing was passionate, and access to her full body. Waiting for advice.

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New episode. Ignore, she me, I her, sometimes writes to me, calls. And then went running, I start to break inside, I am everywhere in emergencies, do not communicate with me, I'm getting sick. It adds all of the emergencies that I asked once to block and see that it is her social network. I see that it silical one dick from her uni, she adds friends, you know that we have started a communication with them. In short, going full trash, starting may 10, where it is today. Breaks me from the inside, tear the soul to pieces, I suspect treason. However, she then ignore the pings in a week.
Then I check her instagram, it is her old password and it fits, I see conversations with this guy from uni that they are going to go on this day, when I saw the ride.

I immediately call her, say that she's a fucking whore, talking to him, although he said that there is no communication, and already riding on day 2 left-hand man, suspected of treason. And then my ignore. It lasts 3 days, she comes to me at work. Forgot to say, the same day I deleted her instagram and all the pictures from there. Took it anyway, nefig to put happy pictures of me taking pictures of her and she was with me during this period. By the way, almost all 5 years, very rarely put a joint photo, even after the sea and the sea was posted personal. A trifle, but still. In the end, I came to ask about my account, can I return it, I said no, end it. Then said anything to that guy was not just went to the Park with him in the car. When I saw the correspondence, asking whether they have something or not, he offered to fight, and sent me to hell, supposedly I should care about this, well I sent it too, I say good luck to You, rachitis themselves ushlepki. She by the way told me that I called him.